Index Card Tower Challenge

Question to Explore

How can we build the tallest free standing tower using Index cards?


  • Multiple packs of index cards
  • a ruler, yard stick, or measuring tape
  • a table


  1. First, brainstorm what shapes make strong structures.
  2. Draft a model of your tower.
  3. Gather your supplies and begin building.
  4. Set a time limit for yourself.  Somewhere between 8-10 minutes makes it challenging, but you can decide.
  5. Once the timer is up, stop building. Take your hands off of your tower and see if it can stand on it’s own.
  6. Using a ruler, yardstick, or measuring tape, measure the height of your tower in inches.
  7. Try this challenge multiple times to see if you can break your record, either by creating a taller tower or decreasing the amount of time you have to build.


  1. See if your tower can hold an object, such as a book or toy!
  2. You can also create this pom pom launcher and see if you can knock over your tower!

Follow up Questions

What design features worked well?

What would you change in a future design?

Sample Towers


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