Design a Pom Pom Launcher

Question to Explore

How can we use recycled materials to design the most powerful pom pom launcher?


  • paper towel roll
  • binder clips
  • plastic spoons
  • rubber bands
  • plastic cups
  • balloons
  • scissors
  • pipe cleaners
  • index cards
  • popsicle sticks
  • paper clips
  • tape
  • pom poms (if you do not have pom poms handy, you can also launch marshmallows)
  • ruler, paper, and pencil for recording



  1. Brainstorm what design features would make a powerful launcher
  2. Things to consider: How do devices that launch things into the air work? Will your launcher be hand hold or sit on the table/floor?
  3. Draft a model of your launcher
  4. Select the materials you will use and begin building
  5. Test your design! Launch multiple pom poms and record how far they all went, keeping your launcher in a stable position.
  6. Compete: You can also create multiple launchers and have a competition for which one launches the pom pom the farthest.
  7. You can also aim to hit a target, or knock over a tower, such as this index card tower, to test the aim and power of your launcher.

Here are some sample pom pom launchers:




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