Build a Maze!


Use the materials provided to build the most challenging marble maze.


  • a shoe box/cardboard box for housing the maze
  • tape or craft glue
  • Timer
  • Choose between the following to create the maze:
    • modeling clay/play-doe
    • paper towel rolls with holes cut in the side
    • legos
    • straws
    • small cardboard pieces
    • Popsicle sticks


  1. Decide which supplies you will use to create your marble maze.
  2. Gather your materials and begin building
  3. Test it. Place your marble at the top of your maze and slant downward.  Time yourself to see how quickly you can get your marble through the maze!

Extra Challenges

  • Create holes in your maze that your marble must avoid
  • Create a 3D maze
  • Create a maze where the marble isn’t visible the whole way through
  • Create a maze where the marble is never visible and you must rely on hearing the vibrations of the marble to get it to the end.


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Featured Photo:

Example Maze Photos: