Building Birds’ Nests

Question to Explore

How do birds use natural resources to build their nests?


Kindergarten has been learning all about where animals live and how they find their food.  After watching videos of different animals, such as beavers, birds and raccoons building their homes, students were amazed by how diligently birds work to create their nests! We discussed what natural materials might make a good nest, such as twigs and grass for weaving. Next, students went on a nature walk to search for nest building materials. They found so many great grasses, twigs, and sticks to use to build their nests!


The following week, students used the supplies they gathered on their nature walk to build nests!

Materials needed for nest building:

  • sticks, leaves, and grasses from outside
  • Rafia or similar dried grass
  • styrofoam bowl for shaping
  • aluminum foil to prevent sticking
  • craft glue
  • feathers (optional)

Nest Building Procedure:

  1. Line the styrofoam bowl with aluminum foil to prevent sticking to the bowl.
  2. Wind about 10 pieces of dried grass or rafia around your fingers and place inside of the bowl.
  3. Drizzle craft glue atop rafia.
  4. Place sticks and leaves on top of rafia and press firmly down. Continue to add layers until the nest is the desired height and thickness.
  5. Glue grass and feathers on top of nest.