Third Grade

Weather Hazard Proof Homes – The Test

Question to Explore

Third graders tested their weather hazard proof homes! We had a ton of fun simulating different weather hazards and observing which homes prevailed.


  • Bucket
  • Water pitcher
  • Blow dryer
  • leaf blower
  • thermometer
  • Buckets of sand


  • Blizzard proof homes were dumped on with heavy sand, acting as snow.
  • Flood-proof homes were inundated with water.
  • Tornado proof homes were blasted with a leaf blower.
  • Heat proof homes were blasted with a blow dryer after placing a piece of chocolate and a thermometer inside.




Students reflected on which features worked well and which they might change in a future design.  They completed the following Graphic Organizer after testing their home.

The Test