Fourth Grade

Creating a Braille Alphabet


Fourth graders explored how blind people are able to use their other senses to complete everyday tasks, such as reading.  We learned about an inspirational adventurer named Erik Weihenmayer who climbed Mt. Everest without his sense of sight! Students reflected on how even though some challenges might seem impossible, we must continue to be brave and persevere. Students culminated their learning by creating their own braille alphabet!

Question to Explore

How was the braille alphabet created? How do blind people use the braille alphabet to read?


  • Braille alphabet printout
  • construction paper
  • puffy paint
  • Marker or pen


  1. Study a copy of the braille alphabet
  2. Create your own by first writing the alphabet in large letters on a piece of construction paper.  Leave enough room below each letter for your braille.
  3. Use the puffy paint to create the braille letters.
  4. You can also write your name in braille or an adjective to describe yourself on another piece of construction paper.