Third Grade

Climate Specific Housing Project

Have you ever wondered how best to protect your home from weather hazards? Students in the third grade class answered the question, How can we design a home to lessen the impact of extreme weather in a specific climate zone?


Our exploration began with tracking weather in San Diego over the month of February.  Students used this data to explore the difference between weather and climate, then compared San Diego’s climate to others around the world, looking specifically at humidity, precipitation, and wind speed.  This experience informed how we can predict when it’s going to storm, why some places are always hot, and where clouds come from. We were eager to learn about other climates around the world! In pairs, students chose a climate zone to become an expert in: Desert, Temperate, Arctic, Subarctic, and Tropical.  Next, they conducted research, formulated focus questions, created an infographic to share their expertise, and tested housing prototypes in a temperate climate zone. After designing their model drafts, receiving a housing budget, and buying supplies to build their home, students received feedback from expert engineers.  They used this knowledge to build a model home to withstand weather hazards in their specific climate zone.